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i’m a big apprentice fan, here’s a poem inspired by the sir alan sugar on what life could be if we all looked at life through his eyes in all our lifes plans.

your fired your fired
your fired
your a lightweight
your fired

black and white
spade a spade
They don’t pull the weight
rid of and no emotions to grate

easy to please
my self beliefs
giving no chance
to my dislikes that surround

what life could be
if all dogs ate dogs
and my evil bark
had no feelings of care
no burderns to bare
slinging the chairs
with no need 4 friends to share
my heart

what no strife would creep
if all cats lost claws
except for my paws
which put all in place
shoving up the pace
with no lost haste
right in your face
but masked

no feelings
what beauty so cold
to enjoy alone
senseless gold

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