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Man to Monster

they come honest and good
Promising good food
With the peoples interests at heart
Diving in on the burning potatoes
Moral crusade which fears all foes
they earnestly yearn to play their part

They sit upon their power throne
Pushing buttons on their bright red phone
The buttons begin to stick
He turns into a dick
His fingers begin to click
a nation spews the sick

Corruption smiles
red phone still dials
They Fly
we Step back
They Fly
We Suffer

we forget the man
we meet the other
They disappear
we meet the monster

Tony bLIAR
Mad Thatcher
Mugabe Demons
George ‘The Twat’ Bush

They appear in their hundreds
Pouring crap onto our news screens
They breed new power struggles
as the politicians genes are spread

They appear in thier thousands
As new posts are in limelight
They make their big election decisions
As in their decisions are a trail of dead

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