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Here is a poem I did ages ago when we were doing the 148 band thing. Darleen used to sing with vanessa as the chorus and bridge. Check it ut but also check out the link to the advert and sign up. Mad link!!!

Ah Ten Hut
I mean, good morning
Welcome to a wide selection of silver plated artilery
to put those nasty enemies in mourning
Ah Brother Osama
how nice of you to drop by
those anthax cylinders
have just arrived

Try this K35
4 for the price of 3
a bargain when you think
the Jew won’t have time to see
His destiny

Little ones in little boxes
new to all keen mercenaries
just drop your young soldiers
with one of the polly pockets
and He’d take the front line with ease

We;ve even got cute uniforms
with attachable grenade slots
Leather coated Hiking boots
so he can walk even moe miles than before

His mum will be so proud
when he fights under the fire lit sky
as your cause is trained in his head
To oppose all that you wish

the new publishings have arrived
war now has it’s guides
‘kill them before they kill you
‘ethnic cleansing fo idiots’
(as advertised in the pentagon times)

If you purchase copy 8
it has 9 steps to dictate
so your ranks look at you in fear
as you breed venom hate

If you subscribe
your intelligence will be intelligent
all strategies will be effective
as your enemies will run around like lost cattle
(snigger snigger)

Thank you for joining
what seems to ave been a productive day
our plan of action
seems to have nialated last years drop in sales

Your products will be delivered shortly
through the right channels as per usual
Make sure you have all you need
cos that extra dollar, could be your victory

Mind how you go
hope you enjoyed the show
and remember the rule
‘KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL but don’t kill us’

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