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Birthday Party

party pic It was me birthday last saturday. Me 28 now, how boring is that. Had a good day, pub lunch with the parents, then went to soemone else’s birthday bash and then after that wen’t to a good old fashioned squat party / rave! Was good now, have really missed them as it’s been a while since I’ve been to one. The party was run by departure lounge which seem to a nice bunch of people putting on friendly vibes, few trendies but trendies never hurt no one. Right underneath canary wharf (wish i had a better camera). If you’re up for going to a squat party sometime then drop us a line, I’m up for it if available and ur up for it. But haven’t got the stamina that me friend bob’s got, had to leave him at 4am as he was just starting to get going. I’m getting old you know! – Party On Dudes.

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