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been a while

Hello all, haven’t written a ting since November.
I need to sort it out Heres the latest new, a picture of maggie and a poem. mag

Latest news
– nackered from having 2 Kids
– On a strict diet (lost 2 stone so far)
– Trying to get the dodge back on the road, trouble getting the drag link, whatever that is.
– Need the dodge to start the festies, A dodge is for life not just for festies
– Working Hard
– Got a mortgage (getting middle class)
– Done lots of stuff on the flat (getting very middleclass)
– Lots of church stuff
– Love oyster cards
– Trying to get my bike on the road – dodgy wheel
– ipod broke – need a new one
– Got a new phone contract – Yawn
– Wanna grow pigs, probably won’t

As life goes on
with times on the Jon
You contemplate away from the rush

Days have past
Hard to grasp
Become clear just before the flush

I’m growing up
and the growth pains sting
As I try to catch up
and train the child within

He laughs at the thought
Of two kids under my wing
With a wife and a mortgage
drinking skinny Gin

How did i get here
A snog after a beer
And now I stand
Facing my fear

All speed grows past
At weights of ton
Remember the words of my pa
Be a Man My Son

Cant think on that now
its getting to a tired night
I need sleep
so I can see sight


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