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hi Fans and enemies (no luke warm in betweens)

Been out of me flat for 7 weeks and living out of a suitcase with all the family. should be back at the weekend. Going glastonbury is 3 weeks and well looking forward to it.

12v system installed in the dodge and it is totally pucker and have a web n walk modem for me laptop so on the move we are tech kings. Gonna go to Glastonbury and spend the whole time in the dodge with my 12v lights on the internet drinking tea. What a away to spend a festival. Can listen to it all on the radio or watch in our 12v black and white tele.

We gotta a vision / idea to do a coffee shop / venue at next years festies. Tell us ur thoughts?

    old fart

I dissappear, hoping to still be seen
Having the place of quiteness
is welcomed as entertainment

I appear, forgetting which way to stand
Out of practice as my age ticks on
30 next year
but 30 in years gone

I aged in the bath
When my mind came to
contemplating my position

When awake,
my fingers wrinkle
and i wondered
if this is how wrinkling started

Bubbles floated up
as flatulence commenced
is this old age
or have I just farted

i laugh in bath
at toxics i produce
and age seems irrelevant
as it stinks…
selsey lifeboat

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