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pre Glasto week

hello all,

It’s pre Glastonbury 07 week and thsi si a tough week for me and Jo and the kids. So thought I’d put this post up 2 encourage the prayers. The first big outing of the year requires a lot of planning and a lot of credit card bashing to make sure we got everything.

We’ce had to paint the roof of the dodge as it wouldn’t of survived the summer tests, we’ve had to buy a chair as we got maggie this year and previosly the dodge only had 3 seats. We’ve had to buy a new fridge as our fridge died last year. We’ve had to get an awning for dodge as family has got bigger and me mums coming to glastonbuy. Pu t in a 12v system for dodge as I need to keep in touch with the computer network at office and doing a bit more wiring tonight,

Maggie has been vomiting so please keep er in your thoughts and at peace.

I woke up from my sleep a few months past
And I’m still awake in the days of daze
The kids ask in crys and wants
Their voices and crys in haze

I look at the place i’m in
Not understanding how I’m here
But al I seem to think on
Is the money fear

I have dreams which i ask heavens to confirm
As I worry in my walk
i trip on curbs over 1 inch high As my thoughts cross and talk

The noise I ask to dampen down
But It challenges my day
If we are to claim our crown
We must step in and say

” This day is ours
Our time to take
our grasp is tightened
as we choose to make.

Our lives portray
the words on our skin
That we will succeed
The dream within”.

I step towards financial ruin
I step towards pain
I step towards Opportunity
Giving help to all insane
harry's 1st photo

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