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glastonbury 07 day 2

Here i am in Day 2 at the Glasto site and it’s been a nice day but it’s gonna be wet from now on which I have seen on the dodgy bbc weather site. The picture below is harry standing underneath the differently designed griffin bird which they have here every year. It’s designed by treesurgeon Sam who is a lovely bloke from the west country. It’s next to the infamous stone circle and it’s a bit of a landmark.

I have come all the way to this festival and me and the family have spent the day in ikea and tescos, bloody horrible place, needed more kit for the whole beachhuts and food for crew so it had to be done but glad to be back on site. Sitting in me dodge writing my first post from site and it makes me so glad that this technology exists. Was trying to help me dad with his laptop but his pad in wood green doesn’t have as good internet connection as my set up in this field – Smug SMug!!!

    Day 2

Fields of colour
Vehicles of beauty
Shapes created by simple men

Colours of gradients
self approved sparkles
Creator approves the Glasto Gem

Vomit on path
Hippy on Wack
Dead men Walking on Gods Tresure

Eyes of lies
Distorting your Trust
Wrath sends down pissing weather
harry at the griffin

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