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glastonbury 07 day 3

my mum came today in her hybrid sports car, got loads of looks and told all the onlookers that she’s eco and it’s a hybrid. Funny aving me mum ere but also good cos she gets the coffees in. Try and guess the metaphor. The picture is the flags of Glasto by the jazz stage/

Through long waitings
I find my pint
Amber and chilled
to my lungs content

Poured to perfection
with skill and precision
as the bubbles bounce
with sheer delight

I sit down
ready to drown
all fear in blessings
of quenched thirst

Ted Takes a seat
Next to my side
And as i stretch my hand
he knocks the delight

I like Ted
But i miss my pint
But the wait
will go further into night

flags of glasto

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