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glastonbury 07 pre punters day

This is the day that is the last day before those bleedin punters arrive. Its the last crew vibe where theres enough space to get about, GREAT DAY usually but just after all the little jobs were out the way and we had a chance to have a doss about the festy, the heavens opened up and the buckets came down. Harry was screaming as he got drenched and we were all drenched.

We did the big glasto supermarket shop for the crew today, nasty stuff supermarkets, they give you all this chopice because they think it makes you happy, blasted psycopaths.

Didn’t manage to get a photo today so I just took a photo of myself which you can see below.

Its time to leave
Time for Tea
A coffee walk
in blazing sun

all clouds appear
and heat simmers away
as rain washes
all our fun

no problemo
as later comes
with a brandy coffee
and a scon


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