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glastonbory 07 thursdays the new Friday

Hi all, missed yesterday but here I am so have two pics for the day. One is of Owen and Ali’s Beach. Some old friends of Jo that have been doing this beach for years. The shells play different sounds of the sea and when you stand in the middle you get all the sounds together. All Solar powered. Great for the kids to muck about!

The other picture is of a compost loo which I want one in my garden. Great Things compost loos, we should all ave one.

If you wanna poo
or wee in loo
do it on de compost

Here comes crap
urine sacks
let it all decompose

Sorry if its a stupid poem but i’ve been up late and starting to struggle with form. Yesterday was good day though, had kids alot of the day as the crew were bit behind and went out and bumped into old friend munkee. Harry saw some skateboarders in glasto’s skate park and was overwhelmed with excitement and ran back and forth watching em.

Owen's Beach
compost loo

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