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Drugs are good
Drugs are bad
Drugs make you happy
Drugs make you sad

Drugs bring you up
Drugs bring you down
Drugs make you dance
Drugs make calm down

I dont take drugs
But I know many who do
So I’m just observing
So it all may not be true

Drugs make you quiet
Drugs make you loud
drugs make you feel lost
drugs make you feel found

Drugs make you paranoid
Drugs make you secure
drugs make you feel evil
drugs make you feel pure

I dont take drugs
the names i hear they call
they sound like abbreviations
or nicknames for the cool

drugs stop pain
drugs prolong the misery
drugs make and addict
drugs are just occasionly

drugs make you a hoar
drugs clear the brain
drugs make the face fresh
drugs take your life and drain

drugs bring inspiration
drugs bring apathy
drugs bring friends together
drugs make you feel lonely

best drug is EEEE’s
chilled drug is weed
worst drug is drink
hyper drug is speed

Drugs split up families
Drugs are great to share
Drugs are for celebrities
Drugs are for the poor

Drugs cost lots of money
Drugs are really cheap
Drugs are mixed with impurites
drugs are organic

drugs puts you on the dole
drugs help you reach your goal
drugs sent the boy to grave
drugs made the nutter behave

i don’t take drugs
so i cant really say
Just made an observation
while i drank coffee, my drug today

zippy – in a coffee shop

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