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Warrior would be wild
But as worrier I walk!
My fight is against the overwhelms
That push me to unrest.

I see the sad face
And feel the guilt fill high
That I could help in somehow
But my time managment fails test

Then all other stuff fill my day
And I can’t remember what the worry
I give a smile to personal play
And think it’s all glory

But a span of silence sits with me
And reminds me of my list
I take a whisky to ease the pain
Watch the footy and get pissed,

Then when it’s almost to late
I pick up the phone.
I rant to the tasks
And attempt to stop the groan

Only success is measured
If the sounds are slightly changed
And all that overwhelms
Are a different list now engrained.

Take a bite
Take a sip
Soon might ave
A tighter grip


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