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don’t forget the crap

i say to you all
Hello today
Please to see you
Up for dancing display

I have come prepared
with poem in hand
As My family member
asked for one

Didn’t know if it would fit in tonight
with a parade of music
that entertains the soles
which tap upon the floor

So i try to keep it rhythmic
for the tapping toes
so you may not feel
Completely alien

In the middle of the tap
Is a word wrap
From some fat twat
with paperback

He kept on that
in the middle of the rap
filling the cracks
with political crap

like what the torys messin
with the poorest person
and letting the vodafone mansion
of taxing exemption

Why have nestle sanctioned
a poison batten
on all breast milk nations
with child killing rations

why is our country selling
loadsa cannons
to our poorest companions
to kill innocent civilians

An in the middle of the tap
his poor excuse for a rap
he said all of that
all that political crap

like why are asylum seekers
getting detention centers
living like sinners
or a cage full of lepers

why we sharing armies
by euro parties
who round up gypsies
for fascist yuppies

Rat a Tat Tat
Dance to that
cos in the middle of that tap
don’t forget the crap

Cos there alot of it

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