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Brightest Diamond | All Things will Unwind (Album)

Goose Bumps & Jelly Beans

Hairs raise on the back of my neck with intermittent `Jelly beans which make you smile and give you a sense of everything is OK. Then again the deep thought takes your smile away and it is all very serious. As your ride the teeter-totter (what yanks call See-saw) you got smile too serious constantly as Shara’s metaphors and rhythms elevate over all things real and above that. Tuuuuunes is another way of saying it.

Shara’s voice is clean and pure. Lyrics are so original that your ears are glued to every word. The sounds in the background feel so warm and pretty.

Has to be played usually when it has your full attention and not when there is other noise pollution. Also, you need good speakers and not tu use it as background noise!

Bjork meets Amos meets Harvey – Mixed with some Alien intervention which makes it out of this world.

Top Class Album from top class performers. Roll on the next one!


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