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School night & family on sleepy legs. Just done Rumble in the Jumble and all hungry.

Said to the misses, “Chinese?” Before I know it I’m at the door and in the local Chinese! No I’m not sorry it’s the local Singaporian! Look at the menu, Fresh buffet and set price of 14.99 for adults and 9.99 for kids. Ouch for end of tight month pre Christmas cheap takeaway idea but as I look round at my tired hungry family we decide to stay and stick to tap water.

Eat as much as you like off the menu we order starters. The waitress is on form and cheers us all up straight away. Beautiful pancakes with duck. My son murders the ribs and Mags can’t believe you can get chicken on a stick (even though she doesn’t top it with the satay sauce. What tops it all is that the wife is happy!

After some perfect prawn balls, I order the typical King prawns. Wow! I am a happy man! King prawns put in happy mood and I suddenly forget budgets.

What more, they don’t charge for Maggs! £40 bill! Better than thought and go home happy!


Khin Lee, palmers green, London,

Below! the boy is happy!uk


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