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Insect day

insect day, is that how you spell it?
Don’t know why called that at all
then what to do with kids doesn’t fit?
Have to do a day in loo.

loo is that how you spell that?
Another word dont know why we use
Gives idea for a poem to tap
But not now, differe this poem I choose

For insect day it is today
And kids I have to entertain
I have taken the day in loo
Which is sought of a loveable pain

Cos we can get the tree
have breakfast out
Watch merlin
and tea in the lounge about

Cash might be sparse
On the Pre Christmas freeze
So breakfast at mums
Choose the smallest out of all the trees

but insect day is a day to enjoy
Even though the loo will call
Kids can just play with their toys
As the bed pillow pulls and pulls


8/12/11 Insect day whilst washing up at mums after scrambled eggs!


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