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Jimmy Cliff – Sacred Fire (EP)

Nice to hear a latest EP from Reggae pop star legend Jimmy Cliff.

I always appreciated Jimmy but he wasn’t one of my favourites in a huge reggae world but after my wife has played quite a few tunes; we then went to see him this year at the O2 (the clubby bit).  He was on top form and found (as it often does with Reggae) a very spiritual evening.  This EP is a breath of fresh air to see at his age (don’t mean to be agist) that he can produce something that is as good or even better than anything he has produced before.

Guns of brixton is a tune on its own is the single selling tune but the other four show that his voice is pure.  I’ve always though jimmy goes to poppy but he has pure reggae voice that makes you feel warm.  The repetitive energy fills the room and whatever talent he has around him, somebody has chosen well. Also the remix of guns of brixton (Brixton version) is a dub remix that chills you out for kingdom come.  Light up the spliff, or in my case put the kettle on!

Worth the buy this EP.  Pop Reggae goes deeper with Sacred.


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