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Waste man!

Bacon rashes be great to b rationed
Too many slices sliced and toasted
Portioned butter portioned in a melting packet
Soggy flakes just does the ticket

Welcome to the west
Where the heavy leave their wastes
Left over food
Platters plus platters of taste

Parent yell the bored chubby child
Finish ur plate cos there’s hunger in the east
You shouldn’t of piled and piled
I wish the child would say
Whilst they yawn to the routined feast

No pigs to feed
Foot and mouth has stamped
So we chuck it in the trash
Another yank word in our English we’ve mashed

So like the yanks the west we are
We eat and waste and don’t walk that far
We drive everywhere in our car
And pour on fields trucks of tar

Cos were the west who believe we
Know best
And all the changes we say on jest
Cos buy one get one free has given us tea
which if u finish you’d end up fat like


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