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Magic Moments

Calm down and carry on
Said the girl in the wings
Was due on stage and nervous within
but didn’t show as I appeared to the crowd

I said hello
no hand shaking or fear
pulled the rabbit out the hat
made a donkey disappear

crowd went woo
crowd went how
but was nervous
Cos didnt want to wow

To mystify, entertain and shock
My ambitions had been rocked
As wanted meaning in the Magic within
not to just be remembered for displaying

I stood silent in front of the faithful
could of been seconds could of been a while
there was a eerie silence held by all
my heart was pumping then went to a stall

Looked at the crowd with eyes of wonder
feeling uncomfort in the silence that surrounds
I asked if it was possible if they all could ponder
that I give the stage to all thats around

Silence returned for a short while
till the girl from the wings returned from the crowd
Out of her hands seemed to pour out miles
of colours and light that sparkled around

Crowds from wherever screamed with excitement
everywhere around the carnival began
clothes turned to tools
chairs chopped for props
shoes ripped for leather
beer mugs glued as towers

4 weeks had passed and the theatre was still buzzing
24-7 they packed to it’s rafters
theatre it had no longer become
but a place of family art and fun

Then the girl stood up raised once more
with a megaphone she had made just before
“People now what should be done”
and they closed their eyes and together came a conundrum

“Sledgehammer, Let us let in the Light”
Which they made out of chair legs and tights
holes in the walls the theatre appeared
which the crowd constructed and plastered

The theatre now stands there for all
Now as a firm gazebo attached to more
as the streets now surround all attached and broke down
And the poeple create, support with no bounds

12/12/11 zippy – Just a daydream I had yesterday. x



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