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La Dolce Piazza

Best coffee in Edmonton for sure and a great delicatessen. You think How could I be so broad as to say the best in the area? I am prepared to be challenged.

Sicilian owned business by a lady called Caterina and she has done splendid job on the most approachable side of Edmonton green. Edmonton Green is a place known for its pound shops and fried food, this cafe is sitting opposite the scarily named fat boys cafe and it is a testament that such a cultures delicatessen is sitting here in the middle of it.

It is hard as since this cafe has opened a costa has coughed up a coffee shop round the coffee (which I’m embarrassed to say I have used (free wifi) but lunch time seems to be buzzing still.

Lovely place to visit and between work this felt like a little holiday with the mrs.

The only fault I would say is that the fridges are far too noisy and if it wasn’t for the noises I would rate higher. Just a little winge!

8/10 x



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