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D.O.T. feat Ghostpoet – Trouble

One of the top bands of the Naughties – The Streets – managed to bring poetry to the limelight. They were voted the decades best album by the Guardian. With Mike Skinner’s, sometimes montone but repetitive improving, poetry at the forefront; The Streets grew a huge fanbase and had many avid followers.  In 2011 they announced the end which they probably will do a comeback tour in my guessbetting  in 2028.  If we follow other bands comeback periods.

Now what for Skinner?  D.O.T.

D.O.T. is in it’s expiremental stage, unless that is where its’s gonna say as it seems that it is Skinner and fellow member Robert Harvey (The Music) are having what music should be FUN!  They are mixing up the visuals, making melodies which they enjoy and not having to rush into the sales or cash issues.  It is easier to do this when you have made a bit of cash to keep you going till the time gets desperate but wouldn’t all creative fidgety peeps love to do the same?

With there latest video a broad statement of LET’S TRY THIS which D.O.T. and Ghostpoet (mercury 2011 nominee) have to perfome the ONE TAKE video whilst their mates choose which options of the video happen.  The band ain’t got a clue whats gonna happen.

Songs not bad, love Ghostpoets rhythms and words in trying to cope and get by.  Harvey’s singing reminds me alot of the sort of mix that the Streets used to have but you are gonna get bit of that character in the tunes.  I think Skinner has done the beats which are not memorable much but serve the purpose of the performance.  Don’t think it will be a classic but it’s a great experiment (I could be wrong). I do like it and would probably be interested in any album that would come along (if it it does). For now let the art continue!

I have pressed the like button on their facebook page and I’ll keep anyone interested posted into what they do next.

Enjoy the video


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