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Ave a Laugh

Remember to enjoy in all things this christmas and it’s not about expectation but Life!

The mission is set
Years of sweat
Strength needs to stretch
More than our physic

Stress is the bet
Odds on to need a vet
built up pressure stress
until you feel sick

You order round the rest
till they have surpassed their best
and when ur not behind ur desk
they call you a dick

Then they see your pace
they smile at your face
pile on all their waste
and start to take the mick

Your head is over all the place
You start to lose the chase
Your mistakes is all they taste
and they seem to think your thick

STop, Knock down
Rebuild the town
But in all you do
ave a laugh

Enjoy your vision
in strength thats not within
and in between
ave a laugh


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