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Instant Madness

As all the buttons are pressed
what we hold dearly has been put to the test
I blare out dagger like stress
To family, friends and acquaintances

People and aliens I have spent time to invest
Have forgotten that time and dont care less
Hurt I am for what they say in jest.
I say rubbish like ‘i want justice’

I want social time less and less
No longer do I want my life put to the test.
I for so long have tried my best
Should i settle with the middle classes.

My next move is better with your guess
Cos vision I don’t need as that ends in a mess
I shall now stumble into the next quest
And fight when I hear curses.

My heart wants to conquer the flesh
The mind flickers from one thing to the next
I so easily feel very vexed
But what can be done is monstrous!

Mind don’t know shit
Heart must make me tick
Cos I’m so thick
And act like a dick

We will conquer land
who we are is out my hands
But my build is on rock not sand
All apathy has been banned!!!!!!!


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