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Things you may not know about yours truly

I love a good musical
the cheesy mary poppins type
Cos i like a bit of unreality
and some massaging hype
I love a bit of techno
not like the ones in anne
Especially the dirty beats
Or where your head goes trancy
I change my pants and socks each day
Even though i’m scruffy
but not everyday do I Shower
I find thats not very healthy
I have three months fads
every 12 weeks or so
Like always wearing knee pads
or painting the nail on my toe
I love a good routine
where you wake and go on your day
But I also like chaos
Like not sleeping the whole of may
I love talking about people I know
even though each of these verses start in I
Having cappuccinos with friendly peeps
sharing stories about unfriendly creeps
I enjoy too much music
from rock to reggae to country
and open to every beat
every beat I find a treat
I always think im shallow
until ive had a bit too drink
cos every serious line
gets a joke which I will preach
Things you may not know
Im shallow so who can tell
but max says im deep
but hes just a hippy creep!
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