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a Ranting Apathy

This bit of ranting maybe unclear but so is me brain

This may not be Syria
We may not be starving
We may appear healthy
or gradually evolving

But our ignorance is breeding
and the death of injustice is spreading
as banks forget the bills they haven’t paid
and the families forget the family outside

as the singles sort out their own crap
the kids are fine with their commercial tatt
as longs as were happy and pissed
and saturdays are bliss

as long as are kids are doctors
and me bird gets the ring
as long as I have my free evenings
and my wifi bling

Think of one self
and forget the injustice fight
For now we bathe in apathy
cos moneys really tight

and who is left in the trenches?
In war surrounded by casualties.
casualties self inflicted injuries
with missing limbs of common sense.

Comrads desperate To be given a shovel
and dig a foundation in Kenya but that’s not our war!

Apathy is killing the kids
and the adults are building their castles
apathy is killing the kids
and the adults are stroking their pleasures

Kill APathy
Kill comfort
and maybe, just maybe we can claim ground piece by piece

But stroke ikea, budget beer
and maybe, just maybe we will conquer that piece of furniture we’ve always wanted.

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