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Neo took the red pill

The blue pill still sits on the side of the plate

teasing me with thoughts of ignorant bliss of childhood laughs

Reminding me of the digesting red pill that handed me a plate of truthful confusion


I want truth I want Truth

thats what I tell myself

but as the aches, pains,  and voices perservere

I want nothing more than childish things


Fear and failure overtake my soul

and I hide from the greats who ask for support

and the needy thats hiss and spit

for thats all they know to do.


The cry I hear is for love

But even though unconditional

it seems I have run out of love from above

until I realise in all of this that its not love they ask for

but opinions from a pseudo wise factory of history which I do not think I know enough (might as well make it up).


Then i wonder elsewhere as of no passers by actually wish to know what I think

but to express anger and hatred for what they believe is our stated truth


Its dark in here and I cant see where I am

The people with me I love but cant stand

I ask if they have more light

but feel guilty for asking

as where they stand can they give?

or are they just a mess?


Its all starting to make less sense now and the truth is so grey

I yearn for blue pill fundamentals to lead me the way

But they grate on me more than the mess

and I’d rather be here in this cave of darkness


The truth sets you free – which doesnt change for me

but freedom just another word for nothing else to lose

said Kristofferson


and what I have around me is just material.

which is still keeping the cold and the kids off my back

one more credit need to supply my faith

is that how it all works?


don’t really know where i am going with this!

I guess I need more light! Anyone? Light?


p.s. if you can shed light on any of this I would appreciate it….


Matrix red pill  Kris Kristofferson song containing that line

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