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Jekyll and Hyde

I occasionly get this anxious fear

that what I’m doing is not what I should be

what for years of doing the right thing

to stop trying to take people with me


Other days I’m all quite sound

my feet look perfect stood on this ground

all I say is a simple truth

with every word sounding profound


Lies Lies lies I must have said

How will I ever get out of this bed

I told Phil to move to the city

and now he can’t afford to be fed


Hardships are only part of the tour

As long as we are trying to feed the poor

when I doubt it’s total shite

Be positive totally, don’t be a bore!


Everyone else is right

I’ve always been wrong

Was it worth the fight

This quandry is just long


Kill Babylon Love Truth

Keep focused on what is right

Sometimes make wrong crap turns

But Love always shines bright!

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