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Insomnia insanity

Mind in a washing machine whirl
Thinking on every face
Another night of what if that?
Sleepless bed leaves bad taste

Loosing even the thought that awakes
Started out to have some meaning
Every end gets a break
Winding straight back the beginning

Stress kicks in and panic of the morning
Of a moody day of bad parenting
Consequence is heart wrenching
Loony bins have began a rattling

I come out of myself to look where I am
My momentary weakness hangs my head in shame
Losing my strength of the man of glam
Weak and scared with a crouching frame

If I could just headbutt the solid wall
Knocking me senseless to a sleeping fall
But fear of pain is more fearful than insomnia
Unless the time extends forever

Is that possible to die of lack of sleep
Mad thoughts of counting billions of sheep
Suddenly texting a poetry cry
Might be the remedy to stir a snoring sigh

It’s not too late and need not worry
I could watch a repeat of downton
But that could just be a distraction
Before back to panic in my sleep depravation

Lord knock me silly
To slumber city
That I may awake
And not think as a fool

Lord knock me silly
To the clouds of sleep
That I may gather my thoughts
Without a weary drool



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