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Zara McFarlane – Police & Thieves

Wowee! The most music that probably plays on my versatile stereo is the warm sunshine music of reggae! The comfy beats and timeless voices are my everyday cups of tea! One of the classic voices in that genre is the legend Junior Murvin. Junior Murvin produced a great classic track that is in the top five for me of all time reggae tracks in Police and Thieves!  You will find it hard to find a better easy soulful beautifully placed tune! So good that one of the all time greats, The Clash, covered the song and managed to do a sleek job of adding a great history to the Top Tune!

Could there be a third cover? Could be in the style of jazz? I am a fan of jazz but I always worry the threat of pretentious jazz when musiciana wank their instruments for worship from some nerdy saxophone fan that ruins the freedom of what I believe is original jazz!

Thank God that this cover has kept to the tune and not only have they kept to the tune, they have in his video created the spirit of jazz by taking it to the street.  This video shot in Brooklyn looking east London is giving that perfect relaxation experience to this great tune, which reminds of the spirit of massive attack’sUnfinished Symphony‘.  Shot and recorded to perfection and I think most pure music lovers will agree that a third cover of the great tune has been stamped on the music industry! Thank you Zara McFarlane! Xxx



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