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Crazy Days Plagues my ways!

The world is mental

its starting to be official

first in the tabloids

and its seeping into all of you.


Subtle Loud Subtle Loud Subtle Loud

a simple history of the crazy cloud

Wheres the ground? Wheres the ground?

Reality alters as stability’s drowned.


What is right? What is wrong?

I ask quietly as the Vicar offers his bong

Do I question? Do I doubt?

As my friend the sex worker laughs all along.


This doubt of my morality

My faith and my security

My beliefs, my solidarity

Is now looked at as the insanity.


I think am I the nutter

To protect my safety

To pursue world healing

In my own potted community


and as I scream, cried and wondered

Fearing for society’s future

They drank, laughed and pranced

with no care in their dance.
Are they thick? Are they evil? Are they Mental?

Are they free? Are they Seeking? Am I just judgemental?

They carry on with no care,

As I wallow sleepless in fear.


Has the world always been this way

I guess history tells you the same

Two heads off ! Two divorced!

Craziness was still to blame


So Eastenders life is here to stay

Phil and Grant will plague my days

and we hope for no more omnibus sundays

for a week anyway as I’m off on my holidays.


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