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Who knows what your fighting for?

Great, crap or anything in-between
Living the global human dream
God, money, friends and well being
Population and needs forever growing!

Every week we hear of the cracks
The cracks going back and back and back
Its all good when Ireland was booming
Now the socialists concentrate on suing

A flood from above seems the best solution
Until emotion kicks in on the news your viewing
And Cuba doesn’t even get a look in
Cos are we global? Or selectively overwhelmed

Confusion is still bouncing to need for job changing
As the technology kicks in and society falls
Institutions have fought but the buffet is about to start
Pick who or what your with and work out your part

Fear and faith go hand in hand
Until the caffeine breaks through the fort
Which leaves its bruises and scars that bleeds
And what it looks like will of course fall short

Mordor and apathy are the enemy
Not your security or feeding nuclear family
Break down the walls of thatchers society
Create the unknown for true family


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