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United Vibrations – London Bridge

It always gives me a smile on my heart when I hear political passionate music.  Being a lover of Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Frank Turner and now United Vibrations; being a lover of music with an agenda is comforting to such a hedonistic society.

You hear synics shout their nonsense like “they don’t actually believe in all of this”. Then you see this video which shows them in the middle of occupy London, you hear that one of the band lives in a self sufficent house and that they also do community music work for kids in sunny Deptford (the more you read the more I smile).  United Vibration sound like good passionate people and this jazzy afrobeat number is brilliant.  Not only do you have great musicians, a great afrobeat jazz vibe but also great political funny lyrics by frontman Wayne Francis.

Great lyric: “Cut this cut that cut this cut that cut this
What are you a barber?”

Enjoy the video!

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