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no space for grace

Is there space for grace

when  smiling in your face

laughing at your place

laughing for what you fight passionately for?


Slowly grates on your  walk

can’t be grateful for that dork

chucking toys onto the sidewalk

whilst smiling at you on the dance floor.


Friends drive you round the bend

when you have no ability to defend

what you were building has hit a dead end

as they no longer care for the poor.


Wanting nice causes to celebrate

sipping beers with your chirpy mates

while you twist your stomach to pulsate

vomit projections a constant outpour!


Expectations throws its weight

time screams that its too late

peace whispers but now misplaced

as I fall crying to the floor.


Stiff upper lips are the orders

blasting from ever changing elders

worry hits the faithful others

as my demise has rocked them to the core.


Bad mouthing and the cynic

breeding drama in the panic

your answers a gin and tonic

as they count your flaws.


At rock bottom of the jar

past days seems really far

can’t tell on problems from each other

Feel love your friend offenders

bleeding forgiveness for the gits 


Sitting up with a straight back

with the beats of life calling

brain forgets the attack

no bruises left from the bralling.


Knocking back swigs of whisky

Say cheers for a victory

Ticking along, hoping faithfully

raise a glass to surrounding poverty.


For when your with ones your heart seeks

the normal lady on the street

mess seems obsolete

Gratitude to serve the hungry and weak!


Thank you for the fight!





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