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Season of cope

Stuck in a rutt

like an unwalked mutt

with a tv box and a  wifi blanket


Caught in a place

with no stirling to waste

No place I’d rather visit


Settled in my ways

with kids strapped to computer days

Knocks at doors rejected


Not my fault

which I’ve heard before

but I thoroughly believe it

as they are simply nuts


Big people with kids brains

swarm the street again

mental health at all time scare

as the world from here does not seem fair


Its only this cold season I hope

The season of cope

If I was single I’d elope

But BBC will distract my neurones in a buzzing brain


Watched all the films

heard all the tunes

read all the books

Played all the games


Now back to reality

it still smells of insanity

but with everyone wishing on celebrities

My search is for clarity


It comes in a bottle though

which isn’t sold online

so I’m searching away from screens

desperate for the lifeline


Fight for it

thats all was asked

Build your backbone

or float like a blown away weed


Settled is no life for me

Stand with whoever wants to fight for the family

if you fight for truth, the lies & spies crumble

if you stroke your apathy, the lies and spies double!


Its coming, I promise

from where? God only knows

But for now its thursday

reruns of I.T. Crowd!





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