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Beans on Toast

Me and the Mrs have had a two day binge on our new discovery of Beans on Toast.  A London Folk poetic singer songwriter who lives in North London and sings about whatever he wants to sing about.  He still does bar work and whatever to pay the bills but produces songs for the greatest reason – he enjoys it.

Jay McAllister Founded Beans on Toast in 2005 and has been bopping around the festival and London scene for 8 years now.  Changing around musicians and trying to produce anything he can with whatever resources he has, which in some moments means singing on his own with his faithful guitar.

Rubbing shoulders with other Zippy favourites Frank Turner and Mumord & Sons, Beans on Toast controversial (often explicit) lyrics will often be playing on our spotify list and we have also booked tickets for the Ms Zippy’s Birthday in St Albans (scary place which isn’t in London).

If you don’t believe me that Beans on Toast are controversial then check this video below.

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