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Mockers and thieves
cuss what I believe
when what I believe
is to gift with no reprieve

Constantly trying to conceive
a birth of sincerity
truth has been aggrieved
which then clouds all you breath

Golden ages and cheesetottenham marshes
music beats and poetry
the rhythm  of our creativity
passes to nostalgically

Truth sets you free
not an app or a beat
a journey through the shit
of capitals filthy mess

If freedom is just another word
for nothing else to lose
once I finished typing
take away my items I’ve chosen.

It’s easier said than done
as it’s minus freezing outside
But this journey is contrived
until these dark thoughts arrived.
(Dam thoughts! I was quite happy being contrived.)

Maybe thats the key to what I believe
to be unsafe in travels here and elsewhere
forgiving the hurt that I think others have done
and facing in faith at the shining sun

I believe, I believe
and you can mock or snear
for once or twice in past
I probably sarcastically damaged your path

But hey! I believe in you.
Someone has to.
Let not expectations take over your journey.
For today forget the party!

Nows not the time to dance
Cancel the cake, pull down the photographs.

Nows not the time to let loose
turn down the volume and mow the grass

Hear the voices
ones youve ignored
discuss in truth,
quietly with sparks and unreserved

put down your phone
ask in person
with no fear of offense
constant burning questions

don’t storm off
fight the awkward hurts
Love is still fighting
your just being a berk!

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