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Hobo Evening

Stare upon the lines of wires
seem to follow tracks I flow
waves that stream a meaning
pricing together a dusk days dreaming

knees bruised cause subtle aches
banged and bled from decades of freighthops
ukulele wire snapped on my current trip
lucky for the spare I picked up in Tennessee

threading the wire before moonlight takes my heed
though my fingers need no sight for trusty uke’s strings
strung tight  for moody private play
accompanied with mulligan stew and cider sips

hands sore from hops crop
seasons finished night before
heading for western shores
after hopping along friendly roads

Strumming on the girl who ghosts my sleep
her jet black hair smelling summer sweet
hanging her photo in the accommodation car
hoping to see in San Fran beach

JR saw her heading west
a week ago sheltering in the jungle
said she’s asked for this sorry punk
smiling so hard that my goosebumps rumble

words to my tunes flow like rain
inspired by  beats of the chugging train
holloring to the moon which shines out full
sicky love songs of my angelic dame

swig last cider
lids weigh a heavy day
lay my head on a sack of bullets
staring at the stars that seem less far away




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