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Josh Record – New EP ::::: Bones

Sufjan Stephens and Bon Iver have been American’s pioneers of a slow sensual folk over the last ten years. Sufjan being the artist who came on top in the wave of alternative folk that has sweeping the western world through the naughties and has been slowly handing his crown to Bon Iver (I’m not a fan of Sufjan’s carols – sorry).  Angelic voices and gentle instruments have been gracing our British ears and we have hungered and slowly inspired  to create.

And we create so well.

Here comes Josh Record (his real surname).  A talented musician who has been gracefully producing music whilst supporting my friends at Regenerate charity in after schools work.  Josh came to London to seek the music capital of Europe, whilst supporting the regenerate community, and it is his friend Sam Pepper (big brother You tube sensation now living in  LA, USA that has launched his sudden record sales and given Josh the opportunity to pursue his music career.  Going by this opening EP, It’s promotion well spent by Sam Pepper.  Check out the you tube video below that went viral and buy the EP, it folk rocks!!! Released on Atlantic record two weeks ago and causing ripples on your radio.

and buy his EP here on iTunes!

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