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St valentine bump and grind

Respect manufactured tradition
Gotta respect the attraction
Hallmark who’s sent it ME?????
Now a love heart sensation

Fight for years before
Till the mrs puppy eyes
Another day to be romanticised
Cancel the beer with the guys

Can’t sell out for corporates
Giving love to the machines
Card giants money dreams
More trees for an Instagram scene

What you do with a card?
Recycling card to a recycled bin
Or maybe a dusty month
Until the Easter money spin

Anarchist is locked in here still
With refusing chemical corporate pills
No money spent for the paper mill
a personal poemrant on my blog

Mrs zippy needs her fill
Knowing she is my finest thrill
So my plan to seal the deal
Is read the latest post from zippy’s log

rock, my fiery fire
friend, my trophy spouse
wife, my world entire
partner, my portable house

fight, our days of wonder
laughter, our mistakes together
Money, thrown to whatever
Future, better than any days I remember

Bucket sicky Valentines
Words of wine red streams
Public may hide the eyes
Cos I’m the cat that got the cream

No hallmark card though the corporate twats! Xx


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