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Basis of life mixes on emotions
Truth is out there but clouded by noise
conversations have become multimedia click swipes
Every westerner swamped in layers of choice

Grieving in poverty
with a blanket of microchips
want want want
getting latest fashion tips

Social Media extra read all about it
another celebrity look like a tit
Sun lounged bird seems quite fit
More kids delivered to the family of Pitt

Syria & health appears somewhere before the sport
no more protests as whats it all for?
Feed the rich and distance from the poor
Give a bit to charity but keep away from my door

Selective living we are above the rest
Few westerners with collateral stamped on their chest
benefits are a social dirty pest
Thatcher’s dream of ‘one does know best’

Truth is out there but the beats are too loud
Love is a word that hallmark’s claimed
Hedonism and free will is the Lord Almighty
temporary friends as voices can’t explain

Communicate cant cant cant
sentences turn to chant chant chant
Paragraphs turn to LOL OMG
as we move on to the next distraction….

LMAO to the whole turn of events
Status a blurb to anyone that would listen
‘I’m dying here’ I tweet to my followers
hash tagging #desperatetimes

2 retweets and ‘I know how you feel’
an update on Stephen Fry’s thrill
bomb tweet in some middle east distant blur
as my post trickles down the order of tweet history

Truth are you there
Life is dead down here
I’ll take a walk
or google it from here….


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