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Poem for tonight “launch of Friends of PCC

hate for word charity
causes me to pull a face
reminds me of polar necked hedgefunders
patting orphans with one hand whilst the other protects the plonk

Look at me Look at me
giving to charity.
do a lot of work for charity me me me

Look at me Look at me
doing my bit
for the little munchkins sanity me me me

Id replace the word charity
for love or philanthropy
but here we be waiting for ever for society
to report their end of years account to the love commissions authorities?

So were stuck with the travesty
of calling it all charity
but for the sake of this poem
i shall be calling it society

For whatever you got taught
from animal farm or thatcher (god rest her soul)
ethos of Society fails and falls
looking after no.1 prevails

Society needs philanthropy
Philanthropy needs compassion
Compassion needs love
Love needs society

In this society we have the working day
Where our jobs benefit rents and cappuccinos
sprouting sprinkles of life to all community

In this society we have generosity
with time, ideas and edible gold
sprouting health, hope and future outside the 1%

community may have wounds and blisters
despair and hurt from war and recession
Ashes and chilled out flames
pave the streets home and abroad

from those ashes there still lies a force
love for one another and love for one self
goodness can come for all societies health
when phoenix rises with feathers strong yet fluffy

It will not boast
It will not be proud
It is blind as a bat
it is kind like Teresa

It trusts what is true
It forgets your an arse
It does not care what car you drive
the clothes you wear or whats in your purse

It wont fail with its immortal health
it believes in you not what you can do
when you fly it smiles and cheers
Its not big but true society
Love Love Love perseveres

From before till the end and after

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