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Poem: Trying to stay positive

Little poem on trying to keep you head positive and sane when there isn’t much to inspire you.


Musing a thought of light

trying to shine my mind

cloudy stay-positvewas the sky

people put the light down as ‘so yesterday’


Glass is half full

Not wanting a drink anyhow

rather a pasty with thick brown pastry

more comfort than iceless tap water.


They say your vitamins help

but isn’t that in a pasty

its got carrots

frozen strait from mother earth


Vitamins in silicone

Washed down with a pint of ale

Keep you in full BAM BAM bliss

Mind on pain relief swallowed by teens at gigs


Rather it all in the daily planning

which hopefully has no planning coming

Like to keep the flexy ways

no corporates junkies feeding me vitamin d


Gonna fill my glass up half full

Add some ice and lemon

Sun has shown its face

Music beats drowning out the sarcasm


Might take a semi organic vitamin pill

keep me on the straight and narrow

local brand with cranberry added

Makes the world feeling sane


Bigger fish to fry

Apathy is got its hold

Evenings chatting over forgetful lagers

As the light is all but forgotten


So Im off to amazon

Placing orders on L E D replacement bulbs

So this darkness disease

Does not take its increasing hold


No Apathy, No lethargic will or overdone pasties

will stop the my vitamin fueled body

From reaching long term ecstasy

In building true community


No sarcasm, corporate big wigs, or royal worshipers

will spill my half full glass

to half empty with no ice or lemon

tastes great on this hot summers day


Cant be asked

You will now meet your death

Cos I can be asked

But I might say no!

(but thats not the point)



(Made in tottenham July 2013)





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