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Just Read: Red Hand Gang by Walter Otton

Let me start by saying that I love Walter Otton (not in a Graham Norton way) and I believe he is the #specialone (not Mourinho). Walter has a special place in my heart and his friendship is one I value highly. We have sometimes drifted apart in terms of living further away, getting our own wife and kids (not that we thought of sharing) and choosing very different paths (but both being Jesusfreaks).

I just got back from Romania on the #roetoro trip (which Walter’s latest book has been written about) and seeing Mr Otton’s emotions in #roe2ro journey, I came straight home and finished the ‘Red Hand Gang’ book I started reading nine years previously. Not sure why I left it so long, bad reader? don’t read friend’s books? Chelski addictions? (it does annoy me, even Tottenham addictions annoy me too). Football is greed V greed mostly in the premier league so to put your heart and soul in football is a struggle but I still love following football teams as the release really works with left handside of the brain, just keep it in it’s place. I am not judging Mr O here just wandering why I hadn’t read the book. Bloody Chelski! COYS!

Anyhow, Red Hand gang takes you on two stories. One is on tube journeys in a dreamlike fictional state whilst the other story is documenting Walter and his mates fundraise walking on an 100 mile walk long the Thames path over 3 days (walter did only 80, lightweight). Walter disappears on a semi rant occasionally when he hears a word and this word will bring a couple of pages of his mind day dreaming or sometimes sleep dream dreaming. This can sometimes be emotional and cause you to make an underbelly smile or this can cause you to drift off yourself as you drift of to your own thoughts. Sometimes the rants had to bring some self perseverance to not let my mtv generation personality to forget about the book.

I appreciate all the stories of Walter and my other two friends (Larry & Si) which have me warm feeling inside and bit pissed that I wasn’t on the walk with them.

Towards the end you find yourself in a safe place plodding along reading state until my friend takes me away from sofa peace haven and takes me on a roller coaster of emotion that gives you that sense of unbelief. Freeze!!!

I love my friend Walter and am proud of who is, who he has been, who he has become and who he will be. His journey is still so young and am excited about his future. I need more cups of tea with Walter and this book makes crave to just sit in his presence.

I recommend this book as a manual on how to search for peace of mind whilst also standing up for what you believe and who you are. Do not let the nightmares and your Past hold onto you and rely on the Father and your friends.

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