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Poem: Keep my smiles in a jar

How Long can you keep a positive thought for?
With no password protection or memory virus guards
Could you adjust the images that rise my cheekbones
Reminiscence warm bubbly feelings of fluff sensations

Place the smile in a jar with a Golden Lid
Label ‘Happy thought’ and file under ‘feel good’
Place on show on new shelf with heavy wall plugs
With plaque above stating “To put in good mood.”

Erase the frown and drown the gossipers (not literally as this a criminal offence)
Forget their words and agree with the light
They may be wrong, they may be right
By either way they are annoying as shite

SO happy people, happy Sun
Will forget this winter and crap on the lawn
Ignore the news and social data
which reminds that all are mad, depressed and want to be sadder and sadder and sadder.

Life is to short and I could clear some of this misunderstood mess
But That wine I’ve tasted and it has past its best.
So I’ve moved to soft drinks with a hint of gin
to stare at my shelf until the hard work begins!

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