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poem: ache

Been trying to sweat some of my stomach and moobs off to be pleasing on the eye and have better health. This is a difficult thing seen as i have been somewhat overweight since I was twelve.

Loving the gym and am also loving the aches, I am wanting bigger portions but that is a habit that needs changing. Thought Id jott down a little poem to put the whole thing into perspective.

Easyjet launched Easygym on a high road in Tottenham.
eight minute walk with cheap month fees
January blues from mince pies december
My man boobs express to hide from the mirror.

register and blow dust off my pink running shoes
rearrange the fam for four moments a week
feel guilty to have this ME time
but excuse of the gym makes me think upon whats mine.

Body is my temple that was gifted to me
Treasure and carve to the stature I received
Cardio is the word to which I owe January to
No pain no loss of weight my moto to echo

An ache I feel even as I type
makes me smile a grimace of delight
Pain is a sign that this was not a waste
even though the scales are stuck at late.

Sleeping well as ever as can be
With the sweat from my brow feeling to be manly
I stare at my thighs as solid as steel
Hoping to one day be healthy and lean.


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