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Poem: They should rap about Rosie Lee

Through the fm stream
UK is rapping at me
with bitches and pistols0ce9a32dc3eb2dfd40bf53936a416b99 fast cars, yardies & blinging pee

fake US accent grates on my veins
who got the hottest hoar
who got the biggest wad
the music drains me to need a stronger cup of tea

think upon the romford gun crime
not much gun crime but knife crime here
this is England, detroit not to fear
Cockney geezers with cup a tea and a pack of maltesers here

My London accent drops down heavy
No pronounced T in sight as my slang is 70’s puckerIm a cray twin wannabe tosser
dipping my mcvities in a well deserved cuppa

As i sip my PG thinking in a high road caff
My surroundings of culture seeps in my veins
salam alaikum I say to my Afghani friend
Respect Bruv to Winston who smokes just dog ends never ends……

Smile hits me whilst the rappers at full pelt
and see that dizzie has now taken fm helm
Not sure he says anything revolutionary
but nothing on birds, bling, bullets agree with me

cockney lyrics of year twenty teens
at least Dizzie keeps it seen
They should rap on Rosie Lee
pie mash jellied eels do with that cup of PG

I dip in my cuppa with my mcvitty
Looking through the cafF windows of tottenham
Every nation passing my view
Thinking if they feel a little bit welcome

That could of been a start of a London rap
like Skinner in the Streets used to rant
But now I’ve gone back to my hole
as on fm now is another wannabe yank.

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