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Poem: My name is

Mad thought that I was named in 70s
Sticking with you the decades to follow
Wether trendy dated or abused by celebrities
Or rhyming songs that stick for eternity

My birthname happily never had a rhyme
And in Wales was trendy but in London was unique
Occasionally there was a celebrity that tarnished the name
But eventually forgotten and was returned as my antique

in a name comes understanding
a personal trait that sticks underneath
Upon your future a social branding
To bend to sculp to keep in happiness and grief

name is yours to respect and raise
live by truth till your end days
Hang out the lies till they no longer pry
Secrets will hide but can’t escape lights rays

protect your name killing whispers that drift
A watchtower shining its watchful lamp
Be true to your name that was given as gift
Best is as good you can leave your stamp

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