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Poem: Rabbit in the headlights

Extreme bright and blinding
squinting to survive whilst searching for the side
Motors Motors 100 feet tall
Ill be roadkill for sure with pigeon fritters deep fried

I see the pavement calling me safelya2f6688b050d0155dd4838d72d7e6563
but these roadkillers don’t see me stressed with fragility
My fur once pure white is black from cigar like pipes
which beast out smog and zap my fight

For being a rabbit in the headlights it all seems to fail
No hope in hell as I’m frozen in my own jail
And I separate my head from the emotion within
as I hope to be off this road and in my burrow hiding

The road has plans and places to see
but now I’m here I’m as scared and down
Horizons of adventure are miles from my sight
No peace in my mind to find the light

Except the light that blinds my eyes!

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