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Poem: Tottenham

Had to do a speech on a new PCC enterprise vision in Tottenham and wrote this poem for the end of the speech.

Vision for PCC Tottenham

We built this city
We built this city on rock and roll
but in totteham’s case
it was chas n dave

chas and dave came from up the road
in edmonton green where are offices are now held
they sing of a song – how it used to be
but the investment in the area made people more lonely

they bulldozed the pub, pie and mash love
and called it a day on the labour club
they blocked the sky with towers up high
locals pleeded but bosses just snubbed

and today…

the pubs, clubs, and social hubs
watch over their shoulders in n17
chicken, betting and pound shops
rub their hands in prospects of glee

Gangs on patrol
as the papers couldn’t be contained
the BBM explosion
lost its message in the blaze


Boris and the commons
gave Tottvietnam its stage
and budgets came
for buildings to be made.

The people in the middle
want to play their part
every colour of the rainbow
wants you to hear her heart

don’t  forget who built this city
don’t forget who built this city and it was not rock n roll.

streets of london had found its own rock n roll
with ska, vindaloos & Guinness
our cornershops had Pakistani business heads
never a slice of ham in freshly baked kosher bread

Polish brought in work ethic
Bangladeshis gave us our national dish
Carribeans guided our trains
Turkish gave us many places to get meat

this city was built  on its diversity
every colour of the rainbow shining its light
and now our chance is to take away the lonely
shining light into darkness one street at a time.

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